Let your genetics help optimize
how you use cannabis to:

Our saliva-based genetic test analyzes 70+ genetic markers to give you a personalized wellness report showing your ideal CBD and THC products.


Analyzes your DNA to determine how your body and nervous system will react to the different components of cannabis, particularly to CBD and THC.

Our easy-to-read report will identify which CBD and THC ratios may work best for you depending on the different cannabis and hemp-derived products available today.

CannabisDNA’s Proprietary Algorithm CanOptimize How You Use Cannabis To:

Relieve Pain
CannabisDNA tests for genetic variants associated with increased pain sensitivity and provides appropriate recommendations.
Ease Anxiety
Certain cannabinoid ratios can aggravate or relieve psychosis and/or anxiety in some people. Get recommendations for your ideal cannabinoid ratio.
Assist with Sleep
The analgesic, anti-anxiety, and sedative qualities of CBD can also address sources of insomnia due to pain or other life factors.
Minimize Side Effects
Metabolism of cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, can influence how you respond to cannabis and cannabis-related products.
Treat Certain Skin Conditions
CannabisDNA tests for genetic variants associated with atopic dermatitis so you can be aware of your predisposition as well as find treatment options.
Enhance Your Lifestyle
Whether you are an experienced user or new to cannabis, CannabisDNA is designed for people who want to get the most benefits out of cannabis products.
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Cannabis products and cannabinoid combinations which are optimal for one individual may not be suitable for another person. This is because different strains and cannabinoids are effective at treating different conditions. Each individual, due to their own personal genetics, will tolerate and respond to the components of cannabis in a personalized manner. By accounting for such variables, CannabisDNA assesses your predisposition to the effects of cannabis and uses this information to provide you with a detailed, personalized report informing you as to which cannabis strains and products are optimal for your health and well-being.

Instead of using other error-prone methods, like QPCR or array-based testing, as our competitors do, Pathway uses a comprehensive NGS testing platform that delivers more accurate and comprehensive results. Gene targeting regions are PCR amplified, enriched and sequenced by Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). CannabisDNA analyzes an individual’s genetic signature with a proprietary algorithm that calculates the predisposition for health conditions that are directly modulated by cannabis.

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