Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy the DNA test through this website?

YES! You can purchase your test from the product info page and it will show up on your doorstep in about a week. We also provide an envelope that you can return your test in, postage paid! We have a flat rate shipping charge of only $5.99, no matter where you live, so there are absolutely no hidden costs; which you can experience through some of our higher priced competitors. With CannabisDNA, you do not to need to purchase anything else, and there are no other fees!

Do I need a doctor to order or view this test?

No. You do not need a physician approval or prescription to order your test. We sequence your DNA in our privately owned CLIA/CAP certified laboratory. Before your results are delivered to you, a licensed physician will review the report for accuracy, and then he or she will sign the report if it passes their rigorous review process. So, you are receiving a clinical grade report, based on a thorough physician review; as well as reviews conducted by our laboratory specialists. Learn more about The Science behind our DNA test.

What happens to my data and personal information?

We do not send your data out to anyone else unless you have opted in for data sharing; which can include research studies, and other scientific projects all designed to improve our overall quality of life. Your data is housed in our 24/7 monitored HIPAA compliant facility, where we secure your personal health information (PHI), any personally identifiable information (PII), as well as the results to our DNA tests. Your test resides within an encrypted datastore which is additionally secured by several layers of state-of-the-art information systems equipment. You are also protected by the latest in Firewall technology and we utilize very specialized encrypted databases to further guard your information. We have not had a single data breach since the opening of Pathway’s doors in 2008! Our facility is also surrounded by day and night vision cameras, and the facility is professionally monitored via a 24/7 service, that specializes in protecting sensitive operations within the healthcare market. So, we use services and systems that specialize in protecting your information!

Is this test covered by my insurance?

No. We keep our test prices at a range that any adult consumer can take advantage of. We also periodically provide discount codes, for the consumer only, to help you save even more money. We do not incentivize physicians for using out tests. However, we highly recommend you speak with your primary care physician about this test and if they offer any incentives from their office. Some care providers offer ways you can save money and obtain the precision science you are after!

Can my primary care physician order this test?

Yes. Your caregiver can sign up with OmeCare and become a certified provider of Care products, including CannabisDNA! Have your doctor visit and click the “Physician Signup” at the top right of the page. This will guide them through becoming a registered service provider for OmeCare DNA testing. We still review our tests with our internal physician and staff of PhD’s, but you can include your own physician by bringing them a copy of your report, or they can sign up! Imagine! Involve your caregiver in the entire personalized healthcare process to experience the benefits of DNA testing. We highly encourage your physician to sign up to see how OmeCare can benefit both of you.

Can I gift a test?

Not through our website. As this is an adult test (21 and older), it should be ordered from the website, or through our customer service number to ensure we are in compliance with all state and federal laws. However, please feel free to share the website URL with your adult friends, family, or even your caregiver. Also, everyone can sign up to our newsletter in the footer of this page. We periodically offer promotional codes which could help save you and/or your friends money!

Where do I view my results?

Online – anywhere! An E-Mail will be sent to you notifying you that your results are ready for review. You can then log into to locate your results. The kit includes registration information and details on how to view your results printed inside the box for your convenience. So, you have clear set of instructions on how to retrieve your report. However, if you run into trouble, our friendly California customer support staff is available to help you immediately!

Can I download my test results?

Yes. You can download all test results from your account when they are published. You will receive an E-Mail notifying you that your results are ready for your review. By printing your report, you can carry your results with you anywhere you go. So, while either shopping or visiting your care provider, you can share your results to help ensure you get the right product types based on your personalized DNA test results.

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